Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vallée du Joux

The Vallée du Joux is a valley in the Jura Mountains, cradled by limestone peaks and home to three lakes. In the local dialect 'joux' means rock. The valley is famous for its cross-country skiing in winter, numerous hiking trails in summer and lake activities all year round (swimming, sailing, ice skating and ice sailing).

We visited the charming village of Le Pont which is one the shores of Lac de Joux. There is a beautiful promenade circling the lake and we started our walk along the so-called "Promenade romantique et belle époque".

Our walk soon took us up into the mountains where there are myriad trails through forests and rocky fields, past cows and pigs and farms and barns. It was a beautiful walk up from the lake and we even saw some Toblerone blocks!

Lots of options

Halfway view over Lac de Joux

We recognise these!

Our walked finished at the peak of Dent de Vaulion where there are 360° views over the valley. There are skiing slopes at the top as well as an information point and a refuge with a restaurant.

The peak at Dent de Vaulion

Lac de Joux in one direction

Vallorbe in another direction

A route of our walk

The Vallée du Joux is the birthplace of Swiss horology and the small mountain towns boast the top ultra luxury brands of Swiss watches. On our way home we drove through the valley, enjoying the incongruous blend of small mountain villages sheltering modern horological facilities.

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