Monday, October 20, 2014


The Arboretum is situated in the Aubonne Valley and is a bit like a botanical garden. It cultivates thousands of trees for scientific research and species protection and provides a beautiful setting for walks and picnics. We had such beautiful Autumn weather over the weekend and on Sunday we went for a lovely walk through the farms and vineyards to the Arboretum.

The grapes have been picked and the vineyards are turning yellow

The ubiquitous cows with their cowbells. These provide a
background ding-a-ling-a-ling meoldy for all country walks!

Our new life in a snapshot: the Alps and Lake Geneva in the
background, Aubonne Tower and village in the middle, and
forests,  vineyards and cows in the foreground.

A country lane running alongside a farm. Many of the cows have
moved to their winter fields, so these fields are empty now.

A leaf-lined path through the forest

The back entrance to the Arboretum over the Aubonne River

A view of the other side of the river

A trail inside the Arboretum

The centre of the Arboretum with beautiful Autumn colours

The walk home with Mont Blanc in the background

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Swiss Fondue

Our friend Jane invited us round to her house for our first Swiss Fondue! The first thing to accept is that calories absolutely must not be counted. The ingredients call for around 200g of cheese per person, and when you add the wine, bread and meat, well, it all adds up to an amazing meal!

Our cheese was Alpina from Bulle, a small municipality in the district of Gruyère. We rubbed garlic around the inside of the pot, added the cheese and a generous dollop of wine, and waited for it to melt into gooey sumptuous cheesy goodness. Our meal was accompanied by a delicious local wine from Fechy and freshly baked bread.

The ingredients

Add the cheese

Give it a good stir

Ready to go!

Fondue forks :)

Enjoying our first fondue

Empty plates and very full tummies