Saturday, November 27, 2010


On our way to the trails, we drive past Service High School which has The Most Perfect Hill For Sledding Down. We were always quite envious of the families whizzing down the slope, three to a sled, and we finally got to join them. Our inner kids were unleashed in our Ninja Turtle sled!

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving is the most important holiday in America and it's not hard to see why: we spent the day at our friends' house and we filled up on some great turkey and football. Our first American Thanksgiving was a lovely holiday, and we are thankful we got to experience it together :) Thanks, Ubon and Cindy for a great time!

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. On this day, shops slash their prices and open their doors from 3am. Daniel and I set our alarm for 3:30am, and then we hit the queues... We went more for the experience than actually to buy anything, but we were put to shame by the hardcore Alaskan shoppers who were prepared to wait in the snow all night. 

These shoppers had strategies and tactics for when the doors opened, and we witnessed some remarkable tag-team efforts by the bright-eyed regulars. We came away empty-handed, but full of respect for the shoppers sporting HDTVs purchased for only $50.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

So after a few weeks of ice and slush, we finally had a proper of day of snow. Twenty-four hours and six inches of dancing snowflakes, powdery fluff and winter wonder. Here are a couple of photos of the snow - the bicycle is taken about halfway through the day; it's now completely covered...

Daniel discovered a new trail through the woods so we hiked up for some spectacular snowy views. The big mountain is Flattop, a favorite of ours, but as yet unconquered in the winter. Watch this space...