Monday, May 27, 2013

Glacier El Morado

Which way?

We went with a friend to the quaint town of Baños Morales, at the east end of Cajon del Maipo, 92km southeast of Santiago. The town itself is a picturesque village of colourful houses amidst tall trees, barns, a winding river, a windmill, a waterwheel; basically everything prerequisite in a cute little village without being kitsch!

From here we entered a National Park and followed an 8km trail which took us to a small lake and glacier at the end. We had a picnic at the lake and walked up quite close to the bottom of the glacier, Glaciar El Morado.

The trail we followed

The laguna with the glacial backdrop - a perfect place for a picnic

A glimpse of the bright blue glacial ice running through the snow-covered rocks

It was great to see yet another new part of Chile and, of course, to see a little glacier!

Us in front of the glacier

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Santuario de la Naturaleza

We enjoyed a lovely, mid-week public holiday at a nature reserve on the outskirts of Santiago. Santuario de la Naturaleza is a popular spot for walks and picnics, so we drove up and spent the morning exploring new trails, enjoying the changing leaves, and admiring the picturesque river.

View down through the valley, complete with a ghost house!

Near the top of the trail

A perfect site to enjoy a picnic