Friday, July 24, 2015

Col du Marchairuz - Mont Tendre (5: Jura)

We've spent a lot time exploring the Jura Mountains in our canton. As we've said before, these mountains stretch from Dielsdorf near Zurich to Nyon in Switzerland, but also extend into France and Germany. It is possible to traverse the Swiss portion of this mountain range on the 310km Jura Crest Trail, the most famous national long-distance trail. The Chemin des Crêtes du Jura or Jura Höhenweg trail is marked with the number 5 route.

The Jura Crest Trail

We've done little bits of this trail (St Cergue; Vallée du Joux; Mont Tendre) and today we completed another 8km section of rolling Jura hills. We followed the number 5 sign from Col du Marchairuz up to the summit at Mont Tendre. More than 60,000km of marked trails criss-cross Switzerland (compared to 72,000km of marked roads!). The Swiss Hiking Foundation is responsible for organising and maintaining the yellow signalisation for the seven national routes, 60 regional trails, and 228 local hikes throughout the country.

The rolling hills of the Jura

No chance of getting lost! We were following the number 5 signs.

Our route today.

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