Friday, January 18, 2013

Parque Pumalín

Parque Pumalín is the world's largest, privately-owned nature reserve. It covers over 3000 square kilometres of temperate rain forest in an area of rugged mountains rising out of deep fjords. The park is notoriously difficult to get to as it requires driving on gravel roads, including the Caraterra Austral, and three ferry crossings. It is well off the beaten track, but that adds to its attraction.

Our second ferry: a four-hour journey

Ferry crossings: on our trips across the seas, we encountered several strange cargos on board, including a 'Rotel Tours' bus -  gigantic hotel on wheels - and lorries transporting cows

The challenging journey, however, is well worth it. Parque Pumalín has many beautiful trails that wind through its lush landscapes of alerce forests, cascading waterfalls and pristine fjords.

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