Friday, January 18, 2013


Frutillar is widely believed to be the Lake District's loveliest town. It is on the western shore of Lago Llanquihue and was founded by German settlers in 1856. The charming little town has beautiful views over the lake of the famous Volcán Osorno, and the sandy shores of the lake are lined with a mix of hotels, craft markets, restaurants and old German architecture.

Teatro del Lago: home to the famous week-long music festival featuring opera, jazz and classical music

The lakeside waterfront with the volcano in the background

The Colonial German Museum

The sapphire blue waters of the Lago Llanquihue and the conical Volcán Osorno

A selection of Frutillar's charm: German architecture, churches, craft shops and lakeside vistas

Our hotel in Frutillar - especially wonderful after a long time on the road!

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Kate said...

You've seen so many beautiful and fascinating places. I would never have thought to find German buildings in Chile! Oh, and that picture of the volcano is truly spectacular!