Monday, August 9, 2010

Sourdough and Salmon

Daniel and I enjoyed a thoroughly Alaskan weekend. On Saturday we hiked up Alaska's most frequently summited peak, Flattop. The weather was truly Alaskan, about 12 degrees, 15m visibility, and very low cloud cover. We aren't sure how or why we stuck it out, but we ended up having a great walk. We could see exactly where the city of Anchorage should have been...

On a good day the view from Flattop extends from Mount McKinley in the northwest to Mount Redoubt volcano in the southwest. We couldn't even see over the edge, but we were very impressed with how flat the top really was!

Feeling like proper Sourdoughs for going hiking in the rain, we decided to keep up our adventurous streak on Sunday. We headed down to the Kenai-Russian River, ostensibly to catch the ferry across the river. We soon realized that the ferry was exclusively for fishermen, but instead of donning our waders, we opted for a walk to the Russian River Falls.

We were extraordinarily excited when we saw some salmon at the bottom of these falls. The poor little fish were jumping their hearts out trying to swim up the rapids. They had such a long way to go!

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