Monday, August 30, 2010

Diamond Head

Diamond Head Crater is one of the best-known landmarks in Hawaii and serves as the famous backdrop to Waikiki. We caught the bus to the bottom of the crater and walked through a tunnel to enter the crater. Inside we were surrounded by Acacia trees and a dry African landscape!

The US Army constructed a series of tunnels inside the crater, and topped the rim with cannon emplacements, bunkers and observation posts as part of the Pacific defense network. The crater was also used by the Hawaiians to guide ships by lighting fires on top. Now, the crater is a silent sentinel, not a single shot having been fired from it, and a new, modern lighthouse provides a beacon for those at sea.

We made our way up the many steps and through the winding tunnels to the temple at the top of the crater. The views from the top were as breathtaking as the guidebooks promised!

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