Sunday, October 4, 2015

Col du Mollendruz - Châtel (5: Jura)

We enjoyed a scenic autumn hike from Col du Mollendruz to Châtel in the Jura. The hike started at a cross country ski and snowshoe hut (something to check out when the snow comes next month!) and went up through the forest to La Buvette du Châtel, which lies at 1,432m in the Jura Parc Vaudois. The colours are changing on the leaves and it is a beautiful time of year to be in the mountains!

We went up par le pâturage and came down par la route

Through woods...

... and forests

At the top!

Beautiful autumn scenery!

A great trail marker!

Cute mountain cottage... One day... :)

Turnstile on the way down

On our way there we passed a traditional 'Désalpe', a bringing down of the cows from the mountains to the lower pastures for winter. The cows are garlanded with elaborate flower designs and their cow bells are ringing proudly - it was quite a sight!

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