Monday, June 15, 2015

Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre has the distinction of being the highest, most-isolated peak in the canton of Vaud. (We think this means that there are higher peaks which are less isolated...). It is part of the Jura Mountain Range, which stretches from Zurich into France, and it lies on one of Daniel's favourite running routes.

We drove up close to the peak on Sunday and then walked the last couple of kilometres to the highest point. The trails are grassy with rolling hills and an abundance of wild flowers and butterflies. It was a cloudy day when we were up there, but the views are spectacular. On the one side you can see across Lake Geneva to the French Alps, and on the other side you can look down the valley into a different part of France. It was well worth a visit and we'll definitely be back!

Rolling hills and grassy trails

The peak

The view north

Just beautiful!

SUNNY UPDATE (2 August 2015)

We've hiked up to Mont Tendre a few times now, but today was my first time when the peak was sunny and not shrouded in cloud! So, here are a few photos from today's hike, with blue skies and the top of Mont Blanc peaking out across the lake. We ran a gauntlet of cows to reach the summit and we saw a fox on the way down :)

Sunny summit

Rolling hills and blue skies

Mont Blanc making an appearance

There were lots of cows at the top. And lots of musical cowbells!

A fox!

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