Friday, March 13, 2015

Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Skiing is a big deal in Switzerland. In the winter months, the lakeside towns and cities empty as everyone heads to the mountains to enjoy some Alpine snow. We're still finding our snow legs again so we didn't rush headlong onto the slopes. Daniel skipped the ski season because he doesn't want to risk an injury and I did two trips - one a school ski camp, the other a girls' trip to Gstaad.

The school camp was in Champoussin, a rustic Valaisan village across the valley from the famous Dents du Midi Mountains. I joined the beginners' group and I had a great time cruising the blue slopes with my students. On our last two days there was over 2 feet of fresh snow so even the blue slopes felt like off-piste skiing!

The Dents du Midi

Perfectly groomed slopes before the big snowfall

Me at the Snowli Park (for children)!

In February I went to Gstaad with Jane to enjoy the fancy resorts there. It was great to be able to stop at the bar and have a fondue and wine (unlike with the students). I nearly managed to get my skis parallel and I even went down an easy red slope!

Picture perfect views with conveniently placed lamppost and sleds in the foreground :)

Jane, me and Sam

Gorgeous weather for skiing

Taking a well-earned rest in the sun

When I returned my ski pass at the end of the trip, I was offered an exchange of my 5 franc deposit or cheese or chocolate! Only in Switzerland... :-)

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