Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saas Valley

I accompanied the MYP 1 class from my school on their camp to the Saas Valley. This was my first foray into the German speaking part of Switzerland and it felt like another country! We stayed in Saasgrund, a picturesque village of wooden Swiss chalets lined with flower-filled window boxes. The Alps dominate the small village and there are ski lifts leading up the mountains straight from the town itself. All the villages in the Saas Valley have their busy season during the winter as they are predominantly ski villages.

We spent our days learning about the hydro-electric scheme at the Mattmark Dam and about the Fee Glacier in Saasfee, the village at the end of the Saas Valley. We caught two cable cars up to 3,500m which is at the base of the glacier, and I walked a little way along the glacier itself which was really cool!

The Mattmark Dam wall

A glacier and mountain stream trickling down near the Mattmark Dam

Beautiful Alpine woods

A marmot!

The impressive 5km-long Feegletscher (Fee Glacier)

A glacial river with waterwheel

People walking on the glacier

Me walking on the glacier!

The enchanting village of Saasfee

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