Wednesday, June 5, 2013

La Sebastiana

We finally made it to Pablo Neruda's third house in Valparaiso. Chile's most famous poet spent a lot of time in his 5-storey house overlooking the colourful tin city and the Pacific Ocean.

A statue of Pablo Neruda in Plaza de los Poetas, outside his house

La Sebastiana: Neruda's study is the single room on the top floor

View from Neruda's house over the hills of Valparaiso and the sea

The house is situated on Cerro Florida, just behind Cerro Bellavista and Cerro Mariposa. On our steep trek up the hills, we passed through the Museo de Ceilo Abierto - Open Air Museum - and saw some new and unusual murals.

Mural of an "ascensor"

One of the famous hummingbirds of Valparaiso

Mini murals of the city

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