Monday, February 7, 2011

Duct Tape Ball

The theme for the 12th annual Duct Tape Ball was 'The Mad Hatter Tea Party, A Royally Tacky Affair'. This ball shows how Alaskans can stick together to raise money for charity.

Event organizers started making the duct tape decorations in August last year. 4000 rolls of duct tape were used to create flamingo golf clubs, large mushrooms, butterflies, a rabbit hole, shrinking doors and a 6-foot caterpillar complete with hookah pipe!

Many of the guests created their entire outfits out of duct tape - who knew a duct tape ball gown could be quite so elegant?! We just went with silver duct tape accessories - an Ascot hat, evening gloves and shoes for me, and a top hat, bow tie, pocket kerchief and walking stick for Daniel. We didn't win any best dressed awards, but we had a thoroughly tacky time!

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