Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seven Glaciers

The road south of Anchorage takes our breath away every time we drive along it. The last time we were on it, we drove through a snowstorm; but now break-up and spring have passed and summer is beginning to show its face. Instead of a black and white landscape, we were treated to a vibrant, green spread of trees, with waterfalls gushing down bare rock faces, and rivers flowing with icy blue glacial waters. There is still some snow on the mountains, but it really is just the icing sugar sprinkled on top!

Seven Glaciers is Alaska's top restaurant - rating-wise and possibly height-wise too! It is at the top of the Alyeska ski resort, and Daniel took me out for a lovely, romantic dinner. We caught the sky tram to the top of the mountain, and saw breath-taking views of the mountains, the tropical rainforest and Turnagain Arm.

We headed home just before midnight, and we were treated a beautiful sunset on the way back...

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