Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow Golf Challenge

Some crazy Alaskan decided to start a Fur Rondy golf day, and Daniel spent Friday afternoon "on a course" with the Anglo team. The layout was like a mashie course, but the venue was a frozen lake. The snow around the tee boxes and putting 'whites' had been flattened, but the three-balls had to carry around with them a piece of astroturf to hit the ball from.

Armed with five woods and an iron, the Anglo Albatrosses and two faithful caddies/ groupies set off through the slush to the first hole. Daniel teed off first and coped beautifully with the pressure.

We soon discovered the challenges of locating bright blue golf balls in deep snow, and of keeping the mat from slipping on the ice during every shot. The holes were inflatable green tubes with a flag in the middle, and just hitting the ring constituted holing the ball.

Two of the holes posed an extra challenge as the golfers had to putt "native-style". At hole three they were obliged to wear 'snow goggles' when they reached the green, and at hole seven it was a pair of seal-fur gloves... This just added to the fun, but since the golf was hard enough already, it didn't really seem to affect their game!

The Anglo Albatrosses went round in an honest and admirable 21, but still lost out to some ringers who shot 18...!

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