Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anchorage Zoo

Since we've only seen a couple of moose and lots of ravens, we decided to go and see what real Alaskan wildlife looked like. The best place for this is not in fact, the wilderness of the Last Frontier, but the zoo! The zoo here is really beautiful as it is a snow-swept landscape with a stream trickling between the enclosures.

We saw most kinds of wildlife, but the brown and black bears were hibernating. Our favOrite was the snow leopard, but he refused to pose for a photo. We also enjoyed the alpacas (apparently they make great pets), the sea otters, the wolves and the tigers. All the enclosures have proper arctic conditions, covered in snow, but a few lucky animals have heated pools!

And finally, the most exciting sighting of the day was the lesser spotted moose-ness...

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