Monday, July 20, 2015

St Cergue - La Givrine (5: Jura)

We explored another section of the Jura mountains today, this time catching the trusty red mountain train to St Cergue. St Cergue lies 1000m up in the Jura and is yet another Swiss town with great summer hiking and winter skiing.

The trusty red train

The Sunday market in St Cergue

This time we followed the Chemin de la Dôle trail. La Dôle is the second highest peak in the Swiss Jura (after Mont Tendre) at 1677m. On the summit there is the famous "golf ball", a gigantic white ball containing aviation radar.

Beautiful trails

Our goal: La Dôle summit

Spectacular scenery

View over Lake Geneva and the French Alps

Daniel on the summit with the big white ball

The patchwork of fields between the Jura and Lake Geneva

Looking west along the Jura

Our hike

Apparently Goethe summited La Dôle in 1779 on his way to Geneva and is quoted as saying:"There are no words to describe the grandeur and the beauty of this spectacle." He was right!

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