Sunday, June 10, 2012

Merrell Climbing Tour

Whew, what a climb! Daniel and I entered the June Merrell Climbing Tour race which took place at Cerro El Roble (Oak Hill). There were two distances: 6.5km straight uphill or 8.3km straight uphill. We opted for the shorter distance, but I reckon we would have taken a 5km option if it had been presented to us!

The trail was absolutely beautiful through a forest carpeted with fallen leaves, and incredible views of the lightly snow-dusted Andes across the valley. However, it was also fearsomely steep! I managed to run the first 200m before slowing to a 'power hike'. It wasn't long before that turned to walking... and then to plodding. Nevertheless we made it to our meta near the top of the hill and enjoyed a lovely stroll back downhill to the start.

Before the Great Uphill Trek

On the way up - still smiling!

Joining the line of tired 'runners' - not so much smiling now!

At our meta - 6.5km up Cerro El Roble

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