Saturday, May 12, 2012

Salomon Xtrail 7km and 21km

Wow, today I ran my first trail race! There were some serious nerves at the start, as I set off for the 7km race, while Daniel was running the 21km. The pressure was on for me to finish before Daniel...


The race took place at Hacienda Los Aromos, on the way to the coast from Santiago. The 7km runners turned around pretty early on, leaving the more intrepid 21km athletes to face the bigger hills and river crossings. For us, there were a couple of hills, a bit of forest, some dry river bed-crossings, and lots of meandering trails through the acacia trees. Beautiful!

The good news is that I finished in 00:58 minutes, nearly an hour before Daniel! He came in just 14 minutes after the leader in 01:52.

We both had great races, and I think I'll be out there again soon, sticking to the shorter distances while Daniel tackles the ultras!


Results and race photos:
Race photos:,
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