Friday, June 15, 2012


Last Sunday afternoon we drove down to a small village called Pomaire with our friends Fede and Yoyo. Pomaire lies about 65km south west of Santiago and is a famous destination for its clay wares and its 1kg empanadas. We didn't eat the big empanadas, but we enjoyed a very Chilean lunch of regular-sized empanadas, stuffed pork rolls and chicha (wine).

In Pomaire there is a tradition of giving "chanchitos"- little clay pigs - to friends and family to bring good luck.

Due to the abundant natural clay in the hills surrounding the town there is a thriving pottery industry in Pomaire. The town's streets are lined with stalls selling pots and goblets, charcoal holders and candle holders, decorations and pigs, urns and platters, you name it. It really is quite a charming village!


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