Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi Honey, I'm Homer...

... and it's Caesar Salad for dinner!

We drove down to Homer, a popular seaside town about 240 miles south-east of Anchorage, for a long weekend. The hanger was a cooking and wine-tasting course put on by Van Hale, a top chef in Anchorage. He is famous for his Caesar Salads, and we learnt how best to toss romaine in his delicious (now-not-so-) secret dressing.

During the course we had tasting sessions of varieties of the individual ingredients: ten different balsamic vinegars, ten olive oils, ten parmesan cheeses, six types of anchovies, and four kinds of croutons. It was very cleverly arranged and we learnt a lot about how to combine ingredients.

The weekend also included welcome appetizers on Friday night, a four-course dinner on Saturday night, and Sunday brunch. The best part of the weekend was the fabulous wine-tasting. We sampled eleven different wines from Spain, New Zealand, Argentina, France and America, and we came away laden with a few bottles and many happy memories.

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