Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boragó - gourmet dining

As a birthday treat, Daniel took me to the famous Boragó restaurant in Santiago. The restaurant sources all of its ingredients from within Chile. While fish and other meat may be sent up from organic farms in the south, the team of chefs forage for herbs, mushrooms, sea weed and other delicacies themselves. In the restaurant, diners can watch the chefs plating up each dish in the kitchen

Watching the chefs at work

Mora berry pisco sour to start

Boragó creates its own tasting menu for its diners, choosing delicacies from around Chile and turning them into gastronomical masterpieces. All the dishes are served on unique plates made from slate, granite, wood, rock, clay, etc. The portion sizes may be tiny, but the taste is explosive!

Chancharro y nalcas de Chiloé

Chupe de setas de pino

Corvina y hierbas de playa

Ternera y su leche

Chirimoya contenta y zanahoria

Each tasting was accompanied by delicious Chilean wine pairings. We sampled some amazing boutique wines and I particularly enjoyed drinking chicha out of a calf horn!

Chicha served in a calf horn. Apparently the president drinks
it like this every 19 September.

The chicha was served with Oveja y ruibarbo chilote
(a.k.a manjar candy floss and marshmallow sheep!)

At the end of the dinner, our waiter brought us a rock with two tiny round white crisps on it. We scooped them up on our fingers and popped them into our mouths. A second later we were breathing smoke through our mouths, nostrils and ears! It was a mint-flavoured 'glacial ice', a real palette cleanser to round off a superb evening of fine dining.

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Kate said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great evening out!