Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today Daniel finally enjoyed his birthday present - a glider flight above Santiago. He was waiting for a smog-free weekend and today finally dawned clear, after a week of rain had washed the city air clean. Daniel went up as the passenger in a two-man glider and they soared over his favourite mountains - Carbon and Manquehue. He even got to steer the glider for a while!


Arriving at the glider (Manquehue in the background)

Meeting the pilot

Pre-flight check

Super excited to go!

All closed in...

Held upright to go down the runway

Tied to the big plane and ready for take off!


Going up (see the "tugboat" plane in front)

Cerro San Cristobal

Santiago with Los Andes in the background

Heading straight towards Cerro Manquehue (who's steering?!)

Cerro Carbon and Cerro Manquehue

Approaching the runway for landing (on the right of the river and freeway)


One very happy (birthday) boy!

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