Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Denali II

Although Fall is approaching, the weather-gods have seen fit to apologize for all the rain, and have given us an Indian Summer. We took advantage of the sunshine and warmth and went back up to Denali with my parents. This time we took the train, and we had a spectacular trip passing through the Fall landscapes.

Denali was possibly better this time round as Mount McKinley was visible for most of our trip and we captured "The Great One" on film from just about every angle.

The animals were still out and about, and we managed to see four out of the Big Five. We saw the same wolf pack with their seven pups nearly grown up, and lots of bears, including a sow suckling her two cubs. 

The best sighting was two little cubs losing their footing in the river bed and being washed a little way downstream. We managed to get before and after shots of one of them.

On our first day we went for a walk on Horseshoe Lake Trail in search of some beavers. On the way down, a beaver looking like he'd come straight out of Narnia came up onto our path and we had a Mexican stand-off. While we were trying hard not to startle the beaver, he was getting impatient with us for not moving out of his way and he eventually detoured around us. He was on his way to chop down some more wood for his dam and bachelor pad beaver lodge. What a treat!

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