Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yard Sale

Spring is in the air and the Alaskans have all been struck by a curious bout of garage sales. Every weekend we pass signs advertising the yard sales of various households around the city. Last weekend we attended the Mother of all Yard Sales.

A twelve-block radius was partitioned off in Kempton Hills, and thousands of bargain-seekers pitched up in the affluent suburb to browse through the cast-offs of the well-to-do. The streets were lined with trucks and SUVs, and parking was at a premium.

We saw bed sets, giant gas barbecues, basins, books, broken electronics, skis, snowboards, furs, you name it! Mixed in with these were a Porsche and an Audi Q7... Taking a garage sale to the next level! The funniest sight was all the shoppers carrying around their goods in little wagons, wheelbarrows and rucksacks.

Our favorite stop was at the hot dog stand. Not for the quality of the hotdogs, mind you, but for the sheer Americanism of the sign on the stand: a temporary food permit allowing the sale of hotdogs to the public... God Bless American Liability Insurance!

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