Monday, December 14, 2009

God Bless America

Our Alaskan Adventure has begun! On paper, we left Johannesburg at 20h00 on Friday night and arrived in Anchorage at 17h00 on Saturday afternoon. In reality we traveled (yes, just one 'l') for 32 hours on three different flights; it was exhausting!

The approach into Alaska was beautiful. We flew over snow-topped mountains peaking out above the clouds, icy blue glaciers and ominous, freezing-cold ice floats.

We went out for supper with some of Dan’s new colleagues and the food portions were huge! We’ll have to be careful not to eat everything put in front of us or we’ll end up like proper Americans…

Our apartment is very dinky. It’s just a one-bedroom flat, but it’s big enough for our measly four suitcases of possessions. It's almost the same size as our MASSIVE Ford truck; it's going to be so much fun ploughing through the snow!

On our first morning we dashed outside when it started to get light at about 10am and acted like total tourists. We took so many photos of the snow and the trees and the Christmas decorations and we didn’t even leave our car park! It can only get better from here...

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